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Performances and durability of maintenance coatings for wooden exterior joinery.

Wood coatings have an aesthetic and decorative function. They also protect wood from the climatic solicitations but their main objective is to limit the dimensional variations of the joinery in order to preserve the performances of water tightness and air tightness. The sustainability of the joinery and the energy efficiency of the buildings are, therefore, closely linked to the properties of the coatings. In order to preserve these characteristics, the coatings have to be regularly maintained. In this study, the performances and the sustainability of products dedicated to the maintenance of wooden exterior joinery were evaluated. The study mainly focuses on clear stains. Solvent-borne and water-borne coatings were compared. The evolution of the main performances of the coatings during natural and artificial ageing was more particularly investigated. The influence of the wood species was also considered and the properties of the selected products were compared to equivalent coating systems applied in industry.


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