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Wetenschappelijke artikels

TN 228: On-Line Natural Stone Database with Technical Filing Cards that includes a Petrographic Description.

BBRI has developed, in cooperation with its Technical Committee “natural stone”, a new type of technical filing cards of natural stone (most currently used in Belgium). These filing cards are collected in an on-line database that at the same time constitutes the basis of the new technical note TN228. The intention behind these filing cards reflects a linking between three aspects of stone, namely the macroscopic aspect, the petrographic description and the technical quality. The petrographic analysis is an important given in order to get the right reference name, which is determined by the standard EN 12440. According to this standard the name of the stone has to reveal the land of provenance, the (geological) type and the colour of the stone. Until now the names are given by the producers or the importers, sometimes resulting in a spectrum of different names for the same stone. One of the aims of TN228 is to establish a reference name for each stone (included in TN228), so that one name indicates the same stone in the whole of Belgium. The TN228, published in June 2006, aims to be a reference document for natural stone in order to help the user with his choice and as a guideline through the technical characteristics and appellations.


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