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Lightweight SSC: Systematic Approach and Case Study.

Lightweight Self-Compacting Concrete (L-SCC) combines the properties of a selfcompacting concrete (SCC) with the advantages of a lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC). This type of SCC is usually intended for precast wall panels, housing elements and other large precast elements where dead load and transport weight are important issues. This paper presents a systematic approach to the mix design of a lightweight SCC. The main objective was to obtain a flexible design method, rather than one optimised mixture composition. The presented design method integrates the most important characteristics of the different components, such as water demand of filler and cement, and particle distributions for filler, sand and lightweight aggregates. The proposed approach is based on the modified Chinese mix design and incorporates the possibilities to realise a L-SCC in function of two major parameters: density class and compressive strength class. The theoretical basis, the modelling and testing and a case study are presented, together with a critical analysis of benefits and drawbacks of this approach for the average precast producer.


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