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Self-Compacting Fiber Reinforced Concrete.

The testing program described here fits in a broader research on the application of SCC. Within the framework of this research, several mixtures of self-compacting fiber reinforced concrete (SCFRC) were made. The aim of this was to evaluate the effect of the steel fibers on both the fresh and the hardened concrete. Different types of steel fibers were chosen to cover the most used possibilities on the Belgian market. For each type of fiber, different forms and dimensions (aspect ratio and length) were investigated. Two compositions of self-compacting concrete (SCC) were studied, using two different superplasticizers. Following tests were performed to characterize the fresh concrete: slump flow, flow with J-Ring, funnel flow, funnel flow after 5', L-Box, air ratio and mass volume. For each mixture, several cubes and prisms were manufactured, to measure concrete density, compressive strength and flexural toughness after 28 days and shrinkage until 91 days. The testing program evaluates the production of a SCFRC and the effect of the different types of steel fibers on the characteristics of the fresh and hardened concrete.


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