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PROSOLIS: a Web Tool for Thermal and Daylight Characteristics Comparison of Glazing Complexes.

Since these last years, the application of the European Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD) has led to a higher interest in summer comfort issue. In this context, the design of glazing complexes (glazing and solar shading) is a key issue since it directly influences the thermal and visual perception of interior spaces. Glazing complex determine the view and the opening to the outside, determining solar gains and penetration of natural light, but is also responsible for heat loss and can cause overheating and glare. The choice of an adequate glazing complex should therefore be done considering all of these aspects. This paper presents a free web tool realised within the frame of the PROSOLIS research project. Based on a set of results obtained by the advanced use of BSDF functions for optical properties description of solar shading in specific thermal and daylight simulation software's (WINDOW 7, EnergyPlus 8, Light-tools 8.0), the PROSOLIS web tool helps to evaluate the impact of the glazing complex choice on both thermal and visual comforts in residential and office buildings. This web tool, dedicated to building designers, proposes a multi-criteria approach for comparing accurately the most current types of glazing complexes. It considers internal and external screen fabrics and venetian blinds, combined with five different types of glazing and informs designers on energy and light performance levels of the selected combinations. From this information, designer should be able to easily choose glazing complexes fitting with their needs.


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