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Evaluation of the scatter of the postpeak behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete in bending: a step towards reliability.

Fibres are well known to provide postcracking energy to concrete, enhancing the energy absorption capacity (toughness) of the material. Besides the fact that new fibres intended for structural use (e.g. macro synthetic) appear on the market, there is still nog general agreement about the test methods that have to be used in conjunction with the design methods. Moreover, the scatter of the test results reduces the use of (steel) fibre reinforced concrete (FRC), preventing a wider use of FRC and forcing the application of higher safety factors. Different methods can be used to investigate the toughness properties of FRC. The mist common are the bending test (with or without a notch), the un-axial tensile test or the wedgesplitting test. More specific testing methods are often used for investigating shear, torsion, impact, or pullout properties.


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