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Wetenschappelijke artikels

Noise control for quality of life. Building guidelines for lightweight constructions. Project AH+, part 5.

The first biennale of the research project AH+ (“optimisation of light weight timber frame constructions”) was finished in 2012. The main goals were to extend and to examine prediction methods and measurement techniques especially in the low frequencies and to develop building guidelines to obtain at least equivalent acoustic protection towards neighbour noise as with traditional heavy constructions. Part 5 of this series of presentation focusses on the improved building guidelines and on the airborne sound insulation. Using the same number of boards and materials, it is possible to greatly improve the airborne sound insulation in the lower frequencies compared to tradition building conceptions, obtaining horizontal and vertical airborne sound insulations of R'living > 60 dB. The developed robust details are accompanied with checklists of do's and don'ts and comply with requirements for fire protection, building physics, structural stability, economic cost whilst respecting traditional thicknesses for walls and floors.


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