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Eurocode 2 predictions vs. mechanical properties of Self Compacting Concrete.

Since Self Compacting Concrete was introduced in the late 1980s most and foremost attention was dedicated to the assessment of the fresh concrete properties. However, for designers and users in general the mechanical properties of the hardened concrete are also of crucial importance. In the scientific world a debate still exists whether SCC should simply be regarded as another placing technique or rather as another material. Designers generally adopt the design guidelines prescribed by Eurocode 2, which are based on experimental results of ordinary vibrated concrete. Therefore the aim of this paper is to examine different key parameters, and this by means of own experimental results, and an extensive database of results gathered from literature. These key parameters being: compressive strength, tensile strength and modulus of elasticity. The experimental data are compared with the predictions of EC2, allowing the assessment of its performance and the necessity of adding specific constraints within the design rules for SCC.


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