Scientific publications

1. Acoustics

The repeatability and reproducibility of laboratory building acoustic measurements
Dijckmans (A.), De Geetere (L.), Ingelaere (B.), 2017
Detailed analysis of measurement results of flanking transmission across a junction composed of double walls carried out on a half scaled test bench
Crispin (C.), Mertens (C.), Dijckmans (A.), 2017
Effect of the application of the plaster layer preconized by the standard EN 29052-1 for dynamic stiffness measurements
Crispin (C.), Mertens (C.), Wuyts (D.), 2017
Estimation of the precision of the apparent dynamic stiffness measurement described in the standard EN 29052-1
Crispin (C.), Mertens (C.), Ingelaere (B.), 2016
Experimental investigations on acoustical retrofitting of timber floors
De Geetere (L.), Ingelaere (B.), 2016
Measurement of the dynamic stiffness of porous materials taking into account their airflow resistivity
Crispin (C.), Mertens (C.), Ingelaere (B.), 2015
Extensions of EN 12354 vibration reduction index expressions by means of FEM calculations
Crispin (C.), De Geetere (L.), Ingelaere (B.), 2014
A new building acoustical concept for lightweight timber frame constructions
De Geetere (L.), Ingelaere (B.), 2014
Some considerations about the "element attenuation". Project AH+, Part 1
Crispin (C.), De Geetere (L.), Ingelaere (B.), 2013
Vibration level difference measurements on a timber frame mock-up. Project AH+, part 3
De Geetere (L.), Ingelaere (B.), Rychtarikova (M.), 2013
Flanking sound transmission measurements on a timber frame mock-up. Project AH+, part 4
De Geetere (L.), Ingelaere (B.), Rychtarikova (M.), 2013
Building guidelines for lightweight constructions. Project AH+, part 5
Ingelaere (B.), Van Damme (M.), 2013
Impact sound measurements on wooden floors. Project AH+, part 6
Ingelaere (B.), Wuyts (D.), 2013
Experimental investigations on flanking sound transmission in lightweight timber frame constructions
De Geetere (L.), 2013
Acoustic design of lightweight timber frame constructions – Part 1
Ingelaere (B.), 2012
Acoustic design of lightweight timber frame constructions – Part 2
Ingelaere (B.), 2012
Acoustic design of lightweight timber frame constructions – Part 3
Ingelaere (B.), 2012

2. Geotechnics

Geosynthetics for soil reinforcement: recent applications and research in Belgium
Denis (N.), Huybrechts (N.), Verstraelen (J.), Maekelberg (W.), Maertens (J.), 2017
Design of piles – Belgian practice
Huybrechts (N.), De Vos (M.), Bottiau (M.), Maertens (J.), 2016
Research and Development Activities on Pile Foundations in Europe
Gavin (K.), Igoe (D.), Kataoka Sorensen (K.), Huybrechts (N.), 2016
Advances and innovations in measurement techniques and quality control tools
Huybrechts (N.), De Vos (M.), Van Lysebetten (G.), 2016
Ground Improvement vs. Pile Foundations?
Varaksin (S.), Hamidi (B.), Huybrechts (N.), Denies (N.), 2016
Large-Scale Bending Tests on Soil Mix Elements
Denies (N.) Huybrechts (N.) De Cock (F.), Lameire (B.), Maertens (J.), Vervoort (A.), 2015
Comparison of ultimate pile design based on CPTs and PMTs
Allani (M.), Huybrechts (N.), 2015
Thoughts on the durability of the soil mix material
Denies (N.), Huybrechts (N.), De Cock (F.), Lameire (B.), Maertens (J.), Vervoort (A.), Guimond-Barrett (A.), 2015
Design and quality control of soil mix walls for earth and water retaining structures
Denies (N.), Huybrechts (N.), De Cock (F.), Lameire (B.), Maertens (J.), Vervoort (A.), de Leeuw (J.), Hoefsloot (F.), 2015
Monitoring van de krachtswerking in verticale beschoeiingswanden d.m.v. optische vezeltechnologie
De Vos (L.), Van Lysebetten (G.), 2015
Ontwerp van soilmixwanden voor kerende constructies
Denies (N.), Huybrechts (N.), De Cock (F.), Lameire (B.), Maertens (J.), Vervoort (A.), de Leeuw (J.), Hoefsloot (F.), 2015
Proefcampagne voor de Oosterweelverbinding in Antwerpen
Couck (J.), Van Royen (K.), Janssens (B.), de Nijs (R.), Van Lysebetten (G.), 2015
Real-scale tests on soil mix elements
Denies (N.), Van Lysebetten (G.), Huybrechts (N.), De Cock (F.), Lameire (B.), Maertens (J.), Vervoort (A.), 2014
Flexural Analysis in Dynamic Pinned Head Pile Testing
Allani (M.), Holeyman (A.), 2014
Non axial analysis and coupled modelling in dynamic pile testing
Allani (M.), 2014
Summary of the short courses of the IS-GI 2012 Latest advances in deep mixing
Denies (N.), Van Lysebetten (G.), 2013
Numerical evaluation of effects of nonlinear lateral pile vibrations on nonlinear axial response of pile shaft
Allani (M.), Holeyman (A.), 2013
Numerical modeling of fracturing in soil mix material
Van Lysebetten (G.), Vervoort (A.), Denies (N.), Huybrechts (N.), Maertens (J.), De Cock (F.), Lameire (B.), 2013
Smart Geotherm - Afstemming van aanbod, vraag en buffering van (geo-)thermische energie in (middel)grote gebouwen
Van Lysebetten (G.), François (L.), Huybrechts (N.), 2013
General Report of TC 211 - Ground Improvement
Huybrechts (N.), Denies (N.), 2013
Design of Deep Soil Mix Structures: considerations on the UCS characteristic value
Denies (N.), Van Lysebetten (G.), Huybrechts (N.), De Cock (F.), Lameire (B.), Maertens (J.), Vervoort (A.), 2013
SOIL MIX WALLS as retaining structures – Belgian practice
Denies (N.), Huybrechts (N.), 2012
SOIL MIX WALLS as retaining structures – mechanical characterization
Denies (N.), Huybrechts (N.), De Cock (F.), Lameire (B.), Vervoort (A.), Van Lysebetten (G.), Maertens (J.), 2012
Deep Soil Mix technology in Belgium: Effect of inclusions on design properties
Ganne (P.), Denies (N.), Huybrechts (N.), Vervoort (A.), Tavallali (A.), Maertens (J.), Lameire (B.), De Cock (F.), 2012
Flexural behavior of piles in high strain dynamic testing
Allani (M.), Holeyman (A.), 2012
General Report - Session 4 - Soil mixing 2 - Deep mixing
Denies (N.), Van Lysebetten (G.), 2012
Mechanical characterization of DEEP SOIL MIX material – procedure description
Denies (N.), Huybrechts (N.), De Cock (F.), Lameire (B.), Vervoort (A.), Maertens (J.), 2012
Mechanical characterization of large scale soil mix samples and the analysis of the influence of soil inclusions
Vervoort (A.), Tavallali (A.), Van Lysebetten (G.), Maertens (J.), Denies (N.), Huybrechts (N.), De Cock (F.), Lameire (B.), 2012
Numerical developments of lateral pile-soil behavior in pile driving
Allani (M.), Holeyman (A.), 2012
Soil mix: influence of soil inclusions on structural behaviour
Ganne (P.), Denies (N.), Huybrechts (N.), Vervoort (A.), Tavallali (A.), Maertens (J.), Lameire (B.), De Cock (F.), 2011
Some new insights with regard to load distribution in piles, based on a detailed interpretation of a large number of instrumented pile load tests
Huybrechts (N.), Maertens (J.), 2008

3. Lighting

A new standard for daylight: Towards a daylight revolution?
Deroisy (B.), Deneyer (A.), 2017
Analysis of energy savings of three daylight control systems in a school building by means of monitoring
Delvaeye (R.), Ryckaert (W.), Stroobant (L.), Hanselaer (P.), Klein (R.), Breesch (H.), 2016
Monitoring of daylight controlled dimming systems and occupancy in three equivalent classrooms
Delvaeye (R.), Stroobant (L.), Klein (R.), Hanselaer (P.), D’Herdt (P.), Breesch (H.), Ryckaert (W.), 2016
Method for analysis of annual daylight levels at tunnel approach
Lorphèvre (R), Deroisy (B), Deneyer (A), Dehon (J), 2016
PROSOLIS: a Web Tool for Thermal and Daylight Characteristics Comparison of Glazing Complexes
Dartevelle (O), Deneyer (A), Bodart (M), 2014
Performance analysis of common solar shading devices: experimental assessment and ray-tracing calculations using bi-directional scattering distribution data
Deroisy (B.), Deneyer (A.), Lethé (G.), Flamant (G.), 2013
The use of Bi-Directional scattering distribution functions or solar shading modelling in dynamic thermal simulation: a results comparison, CISBAT 2013, 6 pages
Dartevelle (O.), Lethé (G.), Deneyer (A.), Bodart (M.), 2013
Bi-directional scattering distribution data of solar shading: characterization and performances
Deneyer (A.), Deroisy (B.), Lethé (G.), Flamant (G.), 2013
Daylight and solar access at urban scale: a methodology and its application to a high density development in Brussels
Deroisy (B.), Deneyer (A.), 2013
Vignetting effect of two identical fisheye lenses.
Cauwert (C.), Deneyer (A.), Bodart (M.), 2010
Establishment of innovation guidelines for the residential lighting from a relighting project
Roisin (B.), Deneyer (A.), D’Herdt (P.), Bodart (M.), 2009
The use of energy efficiency lighting in dwellings - Challenges and Potentials
Deneyer (A.), D'Herdt (P.), Roisin (B.), Bodart (M.), 2009
The use of energy efficient lighting in dwellings – Challenges and Potentials
D’Herdt (P.), Deneyer (A.), Roisin (B.), Bodart (M.), 2008
Photometry and colorimetry characterisation of materials in daylighting evaluation tools
Bodart (M.), de Penaranda (R.), Deneyer (A.), Flamant (G.), 2008
On the substitution of incandescent lamps by compact fluorescent lamps: switch on behaviour and photometric distribution.
Roisin (B.), Bodart (M.), Deneyer (A.), D’Herdt (P.), 2007
The new Belgian single-patch sky and sun simulator and its validation
Bodart (M.), De Herde (A.), Deneyer (A.), Wouters (P.), 2005
Daylight in Ventilated Double Skin Facades - The Berlaymont Building: a louvers facade
Deneyer (A.); Loncour (X.), Wouters (P.), 2005

4. Sanitary

A5 - Evaluation of the risk of Legionella spp. development in sanitary installations
Dinne (K.), Gerin (O.), Bleys (B.), De Cuyper (K.), 2017
Is the European standard EN 12056-3 the appropriate method to calculate the capacity of eaves gutters?
Vos (L.), De Cuyper (K.), 2016
A methodology to design domestic hot water production systems based on tap patterns.
Verhaert (I.), Bleys (B.), Binnemans (S.), Janssen (E.), 2016
Domestic hot water consumption in apartment buildings
Gerin (O.), Bleys (B.), De Cuyper (K.), 2015
Seasonal variation of hot and cold water consumption in apartment buildings
Gerin (O.), Bleys (B.), De Cuyper (K.), 2014
Measurements of water consumption in apartment buildings
Bleys (B.), Van den Bossche (P.), Kuborn (X.), 2012
A Standardized method for measuring the attenuating effect of green roofs on storm water discharge
De Cuyper (K.), Kuborn (X.), Van den Bossche (P.), 2010
How to improve the European standard on air admittance valves for drainage installations
De Cuyper (K.), 2003

5. Energy

Calcul des différences de pression d'air sur les bâtiments appliqué aux domaines de la ventilation et de l'infiltration d'air
Delmotte (C.), 2015
Belgian framework for reliable fan pressurization tests for buildings
Loncour (X.), Delmotte (C.), Mees (C.), De Strycker (M.), 2015
Airtightness of Buildings – Considerations regarding the Zero-Flow Pressure and the Least Square Regression
Delmotte (C.), 2014
Assessment of the durability of the airtightness of building elements via laboratory tests
Michaux (B.), Mees (C.), Nguyen (E.), Loncour (X.), 2014
The 10 steps to conceive and build airtight buildings
Mees (C.), Delmotte (C.), Loncour (X.), Martin (Y.), 2014
Calcul au vent de l'ancrage des structures des capteurs solaires
Dupont (E.), Dekeyser (J.), Van den Bossche (P.), Van Rickstal (F.), Wagneur (M.), 2013
Wind berekening van de verankering van de draagconstructies bij zonnepanelen
Dupont (E.), Dekeyser (J.), Van den Bossche (P.), Van Rickstal (F.), Wagneur (M.), 2013
Airtightness of buildings - Calculation of combined standard uncertainly
Delmotte (C.), 2013
Experimentele voorschriften voor de dimensionering van de ballast voor zonnepanelen op platte daken
Dupont (E.), Dekeyser (J.), Van den Bossche (P.), Van Rickstal (F.), Wagneur (M.), 2013
Code expérimental de dimensionnement du ballast pour capteurs solaires en toiture plate
Dupont (E.), Dekeyser (J.), Van den Bossche (P.), Van Rickstal (F.), Wagneur (M.), 2013
Interlaboratory tests for the determination of repeatability and reproducibiliby of buildings airtightness measurements
Delmotte (C.), Laverge (J.), 2011

6. Materials

Frost resistance of clay masonry units: experimental parametric study of CEN/TS 772-22 and proposal for its optimization
Smits (A.), Mertens (S.), Grégoire (Y.), 2017
Characterization and blowing application tests of a new geopolymer loose-fill material for the insulation of cavity walls
Smits (A.), NIcaise (D.), de Barquin (F.), Hariri (K.), Bosnjak (J.), 2016
Performances and durability of maintenance coatings for wooden exterior joinery
Cailleux (E.), Sharron (S.), 2016
Experimental parametric study on the performance of wall ties
Mertens (S.), Smits (A.), Grégoire (Y.), 2014
Discolouration of fair-faced concrete – a case study
Bams (V.), Cauberg (N.), 2014
Sulphate resistance of cements under the microscope
Bams (V.), Dooms (B.), 2013
Microscopic study of pop-outs in concrete caused by secondary aggregates
Bams (V.), 2012
Evaluation of the resistance to algae growth of ETICS
Dirkx (I.), Grégoire (Y.), 2012
Evaluation of the durability of ETICS: additional requirements in Belgium
Dirkx (I.), Grégoire (Y.), 2012
Frost resistance of clay masonry units: in-depth experimental study of the European method
Smits (A.), Grégoire (Y.), Tirlocq (J.), Lefort, (V.), André (S.), 2010
Expert system for dimensioning of façade cladding
Jacobsson (L.), Flansbjer (M.), Schouenborg (B.), Grelk (B.), Smits (A.), 2010
A new corrosion treatment for prestressed rebars: the direct injection of a corrosion inhibitor by an ultrasonic pump
Cailleux (E.), Pollet (V.), Dubois (P.M.), Michaux (D.), 2009
Investigations on the development of self-healing properties in protective coatings for concrete and repair mortars
Cailleux (E.), Pollet (V.), 2009
Round Robin Test 2008 - Frost resistance of clay units - Part 1: Report
Gregoire (Y.), Smits (A.), 2009
Round Robin Test 2008 - Frost resistance of clay units - Part 2: Statistical analysis
Gregoire (Y.), Smits (A.), 2009
Study of pop-outs in concrete caused by secondary aggregates
Bams (V.), Blanco Garcia (I.), Nielsen (P.), 2009
Research concerning the durability assessment of lime masonry mortars
Smits (A.), Dirkx (I.), Grégoire (Y.), 2008
TN 228: On-line natural stone database with technical filing cards that includes a petrographic description
Bams (V.), de Barquin (F.), 2007
Compressive Strength of Masonry According to Eurocode 6: A Contribution to the Study of the Influence of Shape Factors
Gregoire (Y.), 2007
Efflorescence on clay bricks masonry: towards a new test method
de Bueger (Ch.), de Barquin (F.), Malengreau (N.), Tirlocq (J.), 2005
Staining of white marble
Bams (V.), Dewaele (S.), 2005
Glued masonry for veneer walls bond strength brick/mortar (1/2)
Grégoire (Y.), de Barquin (F.), 2004
Glued masonry for veneer walls bond strength brick/mortar (2/2)
Grégoire (Y.), de Barquin (F.), 2004

7. Structures

Tightness requirements for SCC formwork
Cools (T.), Van Gysel (A.), Van Itterbeeck (P.), 2016
Conversion factors for the compressive strength of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC)
Boel (V.), Craeye (B.), Desnerck (P.), Van Der Vurst (F.), Van Itterbeeck (P.), De Schutter (G.), 2015
Modulus of elasticity and tensile strength of self-compacting concrete: Survey of experimental data and structural design codes
Craeye (B.), Van Itterbeeck (P.), Desnerck (P.), Boel (V.), De Schutter (G.), 2014
Case study ultra-high performance concrete: tests on two UHPC I-girders and analysis of flexural behavior
Cauberg (N.), Tronci (C.), Piérard (J.), Van Itterbeeck (P.), Van der Zee (P.), 2013
Shear Capacity of Self-Compacting Concrete
Van Itterbeeck (P.), Cauberg (N.), Parmentier (B.), Van Gysel (A.), Vandewalle (L.), 2013
Shear behaviour of steel fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete
Van Itterbeeck (P.), Parmentier (B.), Craeye (B.), Vandewalle (L.), 2013
Survey on the modulus of elasticity and the tensile strength of SCC
Craeye (B.), Van Itterbeeck (P.), Desnerck (P.), Boel (V.), De Schutter (G.), 2013
Strength durability models for GRC: uncertainties on strength predictions
Van Itterbeeck (P.), Purnell (P.), Cuypers (H), Tysmans (T.), Orlowsky (J.), Wastiels (J.), 2012
Shear capacity of UHPC - Beam tests
Cauberg (N.), Piérard (J.), Parmentier (B.), Remy (O.), 2012
Shear resistance of macro-synthetic and steel fibre reinforced concrete beams without stirrups
Parmentier (B.), Cauberg (N.), Vandewalle (L.), 2012
Punching shear capacity of UHPC - plate tests
Remy (O.), Cauberg (N.), Parmentier (B.), Piérard (J.),Wastiels (J.), 2011
Does Self-Compacting Concrete still follow Eurocode 2 specifications?
Van Itterbeeck (P.), Parmentier (B.), Cauberg (N.), 2011
Shrinkage behavior and cracking tendency op UHPC
Cauberg (N.), Remy (O.), Parmentier (B.), Piérard (J.), Van Itterbeeck (P.), 2011
Survey on the mechanical properties of SCC: 20 years of research
Desnerck (P.), Van Itterbeeck (P.), Boel (V.), Craeye (B.), De Schutter (G.), 2011
Evaluation of the cracking potential of young Self Compacting Concrete
Van Itterbeeck (P.), Cauberg (N.), Parmentier (B.), Vandewalle (L.) and Lesage (K.), 2010
Eurocode 2 predictions vs. mechanical properties of Self Compacting Concrete
Van Itterbeeck (P.), Cauberg (N.), Parmentier (B.), Vandewalle (L.) and Lesage (K.), 2010
Shell elements of architectural concrete using fabric formwork - Part B: case study
Tysmans (T.), Belkassem (B.), Adriaenssens (S.), Wastiels (J.), Cauberg (N.), 2009
Study of strength durability models for GRC: Theoretical overview
Van Itterbeeck (P.), Purnell (P.), Cuypers (H.), Wastiels (J.), 2009
Experimental investigation of lightweight composite deck slabs
Luu (T.), Bortolotti (E.), Parmentier (B.), Kestemont (X.), Briot (M.), Grass (J.-C.), 2009
Fabric formwork for flexible, architectural concrete
Cauberg (N.), Parmentier (B.), Vanneste (M.), Mollaert (M.), 2009
Evaluation of the scatter of the postpeak behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete in bending: a step towards reliability
Parmentier (B.), Vandewalle (L.), Van Rickstal (F.), 2009
Flexural Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Ultra High Performance Concrete and the Application in Cladding Panels
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Fabric formwork for flexible, architectural concrete
Cauberg (N.), Parmentier (B.), Janssen (D.), Mollaert (M.), 2008
Structural behaviour of laminated glass elements – A step towards standardization
Delincé (D.), Belis (J.), Zarmati (G.), Parmentier (B.), 2007
Measuring the formwork pressure of self-compacting concrete
Cauberg (N.), Desmyter (J.), 2007
Influence of the boundary conditions and reinforcement on differential shrinkage of concrete slabs
Van Ginderachter (C.), Parmentier (B.), 2003
Crack Openings Determination of SFR Concrete
Parmentier (B.), Van Ginderachter (C.), 2003

8. Concrete Technology

Comparison of transparent coatings and water-repellents for the protection of historic buildings made of concrete
Cailleux (E.), 2017
Durability of concrete made with ternary cements containing slag or fly as and limestone filler
Lauch (K.-S.), Dieryck (V.), 2016
Prediction of the mechanical performance of concrete made with ternary cements
Lauch (K.-S.), Dieryck (V.), Parmentier (B.), 2016
Mixture compositions and fresh properties of self-compacting concrete: analysis of 25 years of research
Desnerck (P.), Craeye (B.), Boel (V.), Van Itterbeeck (P.), 2016
FloorCrete Research Project - Delamination of Concrete Industral Floors: First Result and Practical Recommendations
Dooms (B.), Pollet (V.), Dieryck (V.), Kupers (L.), 2014
Valorisation of Recycled Concrete Aggregates in Concrete C20/25 & C25/30
Boehme (L.), Vrijders (J.), Van Gysel (A.), 2012
Ultra High Performance Concrete: Mix Design and Practical Applications
Cauberg (N.), Piérard (J.), Remy (O.), 2008
Lightweight SCC : systematic approach and case study
Cauberg (N.), Kestemont (X.), 2007
Rheology of self-compacting concrete - Validation of empirical test methods
Cauberg (N.), Dieryck (V.), Desmyter (J.), 2005
Self-compacting fiber reinforced concrete
Cauberg (N.), Dieryck (V.), 2004

9. Building Envelope

Full scale and wind tunnel tests of unsteady pressure fields on roof tiles of low rise buildings
van Beeck (J.), Corieri (P.), Parmentier (B.), Dezső (G.), 2002
Full-scale wind pressures on a permeable roof of a low-rise building
Parmentier (B.), 2002
The application of research on wind effects to design
Hoxey (R.), Parmentier (B.), Baker (C.), 2002
The assessment of full-scale experimental methods for measuring wind effects on low rise buildings
Parmentier (B.), Hoxey (R.), Buchlin (J-M.), Corieri (P.), 2002

10. Microbiology

Sanitary aspects of domestic ventilation systems: an in situ study
Van Herreweghe (J.), Caillou (S.), Marilyn Roger (M.), Dinne (K.), 2013

11. Renovation

Salt extraction of limestone by means of electrophoresis: some results on type of contact material and electrode position
De Clercq (H.), Vanhellemont (Y.), De Swaef (V.), 2014
Validation of in situ applicable measuring techniques for analysis of the water adsorption by stone
Vandevoorde (D.), Cnudde (V.), Dewanckele (J.), Brabant (L.), de Bouw (M.), Meynen (V.), Verhaeven (E.) , 2013
Innovative test procedure on injection products against rising damp for historic masonry constructions.
Herinckx (S.), de Bouw (M.), Pien (A.), Vanhellemont (Y.), 2012
Alternatieve benadering van comfort in historische gebouwen.
Vanhellemont (Y.), 2012
Natural stone degradation and replacement in Belgium. Authenticity issues. The importance of European normalisation. New approach.
Vanhellemont (Y.), 2012
Experimental Determination of Liquid Transport Properties on salt-contaminated Porous Stone.
Hendrickx (R.), Roels (S.), De Clercq (H.), Vanhellemont (Y.), 2011
Experimental investigation of the influence of precipitated salts on the liquid transport properties of brick using an organic liquid
Hendrickx (R.), De Clercq (H.), Roels (S.), Vanhellemont (Y.), Herinckx (S.), 2011
Performance of limestone laden with sodium sulphate and sodium nitrate
De Clercq (H., Jovanovic (M.), Herinckx (S.), Vanhellemont (Y.), Roels (S.), Steiger (M.), Linnow (K.), 2011
Iron and steel varieties in building industry between 1860 and 1914 – A complex and confusing situation resolved
de Bouw (M.), Wouters (I.), Vereecken (J.), Lauriks (L.), 2009
Contact sponge method: Performance of a promising tool for measuring the initial water absorption. 
Vandevoorde (D.), Pamplona (M.), Schalm (O.), Vanhellemont (Y.), Cnudde (V., Verhaeven (E.), 2009

12. Sustainable development

€COFFICE-LCC and LCA as part of the integrated design approach for a high performance-low cost office building
Delem (L.), Decuypere (R.), Dartevelle (O.), 2016
Demolition versus deep renovation of residential buildings: case study with environmental and financial evaluation of different construction scenarios
Wastiels (L.), Janssen (A.), Decuypere (R.), Vrijders (J.), 2016
Assessing the construction phase in building life cycle assessment
Delem (L.), Wastiels (L.), Van Dessel (J.) , 2013
Nearly Zero Energy Renovation of houses: Life cycle costs and environmental impact
Vrijders (J.), Wastiels (L.), 2013
Relevance of the recycling potential (module D) in building LCA : A case study on the retrofitting of a house in Seraing (Best Paper Award)
Wastiels (L.), Van Dessel (J.), Delem (L.), 2013
Costs, benefits & environmental impact of achieving nze- level in renovation: a case study.
Vrijders (J.), Wastiels (L.), Herinckx (S.), 2012
Performance Indicators for Comfort, Health and Safety of the Indoor Environment. Main achievements of the European PERFECTION Coordination Action
Desmyter (J.), Lefebvre (PH.), Huovila (P.), Sakkas (N.), Garvin (S.), 2011
Recycling of C&D Waste in Belgium: State-of-the-art and opportunities for technology transfer
Vrijders (J.), Vyncke (J.), 2010
Accessibility and adaptability stimulate innovation in the building industry
Desmyter (J.), Danschutter (S.), 2006

13. Ventilation

A comparison of different ventilation strategies for dwellings in terms of airflow rates and airflow paths
Van Gaever (R.), Caillou (S.), 2016
Development of an evaluation methodology to quantify the energy potential of demand controlled ventilation strategies
Caillou (S.), Heijmans (N.), Laverge (J.), Janssens (A.), 2014
Sanitary aspects of domestic ventilation systems : an in situ study
Van Herreweghe (J.), Caillou (S.), Roger (M.), Dinne (K.), 2013
Heat Recovery efficiency : measurement and calculation methods
Caillou (S.), Van den Bossche (P.), 2012
Ventilation systems: monitoring of performances on site
Caillou (S.), Van den Bossche (P.), 2011
Towards comparable and relevant heat recovery efficiencies
Caillou (S.), Van den Bossche (P.), 2009
Emissions from Building Materials: Simulation of the Indoor Air Quality
Caillou (S.), Van den Bossche (P.), Vandaele (L.), 2009